Bruno: The Black Sheep with Precognition in Encanto

October 30, 2023

Who’s Bruno in Encanto?

The black sheep of the Madrigal family, Bruno is the breakout character for fans and social media. Voiced by John Leguizamo, Bruno keeps to himself but cares for Mirabel.

He spent ten years hiding in the walls and was shocked to see Alma and Mirabel on the riverbank. Despite her bad feelings towards him, he still wants them to be happy.

1. John Leguizamo

John Leguizamo voices Bruno, Mirabel’s estranged uncle with the gift of precognition. Despite being shunned by the town because his visions often led to bad things (like goldfish dying or the death of a priest), he remains a selfless man.

He is also very funny and comical, especially when he’s talking to his rats or sitting adjacent to his family’s dining room while trying to keep away on purpose. He is a very beloved character for fans of Encanto.

2. Stephanie Beatriz

Bruno is one of the most important characters in Encanto. He is Mirabel’s estranged uncle who possesses a gift for seeing the future. He was portrayed by the talented actor Stephanie Beatriz.

His character ties together the movie. He is an isolated man who lives with rats in a crawl space behind the walls of his home. He has his rats perform telenovelas for him as entertainment. This scene has caused some controversy among fans. The film takes place in the early 1900s, before television sets were invented.

3. Mauro Castillo

Mauro Castillo is an award-winning Colombian singer, actor and songwriter. He has sung with several groups and has performed in many major shows. He has also written and composed a number of songs.

Mauro plays Bruno Madrigal in the 2021 animated movie Encanto. The character is the black sheep of the Madrigal family and has a gift of precognition. He is a fearful and lonely man. He has a complicated relationship with his mother Alma and is often misunderstood by the rest of the village.

4. Angie Cepeda

Unlike the other members of the Madrigal family, Bruno doesn’t share their gift of divination. He is a reclusive person who only comes out to help Mirabel.

He tries to keep his ability a secret in order to protect her. However, after Mirabel fails the gift ceremony, he sees that her house is about to crack and disappears.

Leguizamo has voiced numerous other characters including Seymour in “Spawn”, Gune in “Titan A.E.” and Sid in all five ‘Ice Age’ movies and multiple shorts.

5. Diane Guerrero

The Disney film ‘Encanto’ has gained much attention from its animation style and charming story. But the movie also features talented actors.

Among them is the lovable Bruno Madrigal. He and his sisters Pepa and Julieta were blessed with magical gifts from Casita when they were children.

Bruno had the ability to see the future, but usually saw bad outcomes. He kept this secret from his family, hiding in the walls of their home. When Mirabel found him, he was reluctant to help her.

6. Jessica Darrow

Jessica Darrow is a newcomer to the voice acting industry who has already become a breakout star thanks to her role in Encanto. She voices Luisa Madrigal, one of the Madrigal children with superhuman strength.

Bruno may be the black sheep of the family, but he’s also easily the most interesting character in the movie. He’s a hermit with clairvoyant powers who provides most of the comic relief in the film. He’s also the one who helps Mirabel regain control of her encanto.

7. Rhenzy Feliz

Rhenzy Feliz is a well-known Colombian actress who has been acting in Spanish language movies and soap operas for years. She hasn’t starred in many English-language movies but she is still an extremely popular actress across Latin America.

Bruno is Mirabel’s hermit uncle with clairvoyant abilities. He can see the future and uses his gift to entertain himself by having his rats perform telenovelas decades before they actually happen. He is a very selfless man who cares deeply about his family.

8. Jessica Darrow

The actress who voices Luisa in Encanto is Jessica Darrow. She has been a popular star in Spanish movies and soaps.

Bruno was ostracized by the Madrigal family because of his precognition, but after Mirabel didn’t receive a gift on the night of the door opening, Abuela asked him to look into the future.

He saw that the Casita would be destroyed and was willing to sacrifice his reputation to save his niece. An Encanto sequel or spinoff focusing on Bruno could explore more of his ability and the natural world around us.

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