The Bikini Bikini and the Inquisition: Bruno, his writings, and his fight for justice.

November 12, 2023

The Bikini Bikini by J Bruno

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Bruno’s cosmology, his epistemology of memory, and his interest in magic all converge with the project of a theory of everything that overcomes the divide between subjectivity and objectivity. This led many to interpret him as a pantheist or even an atheist.

De la causa

Uno de los platos más representativos de la comida peruana es la causa limena. Aunque hay muchas variaciones entre las recetas, la principale consistencia en la que se han dado cuenta es la pure de papa o polvo y un adorno con zanahorias o judas verdes y huevos.

The Roman Inquisition tasked an expert theologian named Roberto Bellarmino (in English, Saint Robert Bellarmine) with handling Bruno’s case. Bellarmino was sharp and disciplined, with extensive philosophical training. His specialty was to untangle theological disputes, simplify them, and with intellectual dexterity drive home his point. He drew up a list of eight specific propositions in Bruno’s writings that the Inquisition believed were heretical, and asked him to abjure them. He agreed to do so. But the Inquisition had only just begun its investigation of Bruno. And soon it would turn sour. As it did so, Bruno felt smothered and frustrated. He wanted to be part of something big, something transcendent.

De minimo

Bruno was not a man who took things lightly. He had a strong sense of justice, so he was determined to do whatever it took to fight the Inquisition. He even wrote several books on the subject. However, his efforts were not enough to save him. He was ultimately executed in 1591 for heresy.

The Inquisition found many of Bruno’s writings blasphemous. They included the Spaccio della bestia trionfante, the De immenso et innumerabilibus and the De monade numero et figura. Bellarmino extracted eight specific propositions from these works that the Inquisition asked Bruno to abjure as heretical.

El nio Bruno de cinco aos se siente muy homesick cuando fue a un lugar llamado Out-With para su familia. Y en ese momento ve a algunos pobres hombres acostumbrados a la pobreza en pajas rojas. Bruno se acerca y los dos hablan. Y entonces Bruno descubre que s podra ser su amiga.

De monade

Bruno’s last work, De monade (On the Monad), reflects his continued interest in natural philosophy and his theory of memory. He cites as a source Heinrich Cornelius Agrippa of Nettesheim’s De occulta philosophia libri tres, Book Two, in which Agrippa assigns symbolism to aseries of numbers stretching from one to twelve. This is similar to the symbolic hierarchy that Bruno imposes on the nine levels of meaning in his theory.

In this book, he reforms medieval biblical exegesis by increasing the number of levels from four to nine; he extends exegesis to non-biblical texts; and he uses a mnemonic device, the combinatory wheel, in order to uncover the plurality of meanings within divinely inspired works.

He also claims that the nature of matter is a sphere of ten magical hierarchies, which are related to astrological signs and numbers. His later writings, such as Lampas triginta statuarum (Torch of thirty statues), apply this logic to cosmology.

De figura

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After Bruno escaped from the Dominican monastery, the Inquisition began to investigate him. Bellarmino produced a list of eight specific propositions from Bruno’s works, which the Inquisition requested that he abjure as heretical. While many scholars believe that this list included his Copernicanism and his view of an infinite cosmos, others disagree.

Bruno’s philosophy was also attacked by Marin Mersenne and Charles Sorel. Mersenne’s polemic against deists and libertines alleged that Bruno taught that circle and straight line, point and line, surface and body are the same, advocated transmigration of souls, and reduced miracles to natural phenomena.

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