The Misunderstood Magician of Casa Madrigal

October 24, 2023

Bruno – The Magician of the Madrigal Family

Bruno is the youngest member of the Madrigal family. His mother Alma gives him and his sisters Julieta and Pepa magical gifts, including the ability to see the future. Unfortunately, his visions usually bring bad luck.

This led the family to shun him. However, he cares too much about them to stay hidden. He is also gentle with animals, and he befriends Antonio’s rats.

He has green eyes

Bruno is an introverted and shy person who often feels anxious in social situations. However, he has a forgiving heart and doesn’t hold grudges against others. He is also a selfless man who loves his family above all else. Bruno’s unique gift is his ability to see the future, and he uses a special sand-based ritual to activate it. When he initiates a vision, his irises glow bright emerald-green and the sand circle creates a whirling dome of glowing green images. The visions are not always clear, but they seem to become more clear when he focuses on certain parts of the image.

Bruno is the son of Alma and Pedro, brother to Pepa and Julieta, and uncle to Isabela, Dolores, Camilo, and Antonio. He received the gift of precognition after his family was forced to flee their home during a raid. He believes that his visions bring misfortune, which led him to hide away within the walls of Casa Madrigal for 10 years.

He has green hair

Bruno is a member of the Madrigal family and the brother of Pepa and Julieta. He is a young man with green eyes and unkempt hair. He is a quiet and shy person, but has a great love for his family.

He has a gift of precognition, which allows him to see into the future. However, his visions often have negative outcomes and people assume the worst of him. This has caused him to isolate himself within the walls of Casa Madrigal. He practices a sand-based ritual to help control his powers.

He is also a Gym Leader, and has a Machamp as his personal trainer. He first appeared in File 4: Charizard, where he challenged and defeated Red, allowing him to move on to challenge Agatha. He later trained Pikachu and Hitmonlee, but had to retrain them after they started messing up his meditation. He has a large ruana that is three sizes too big and carries a gilded case of matches in it.

He has green skin

Bruno is a short, Hispanic man with green eyes and unkempt hair. He wears a hooded green ruana cuffed at the elbows with hourglass prints on it that symbolize his gift, along with burgundy pants and black sandals. He also has a light beard and prominent eye bags.

Despite being isolated from his family for over a decade within the walls of Casita Madrigal, he still shows love and protection towards them. He was initially reluctant to help Mirabel but eventually agreed after persuasion from her and encouragement from Antonio.

He performs a series of rituals, including knocking on wood, muttering, and making spackle to keep himself occupied while in isolation. He also develops two alternate identities and befriends some pet rats. This behavior is similar to that of Latinx Autistics and may be a part of his coping mechanism.

He has green freckles

Bruno is a shy, quiet man with a strong love and loyalty towards his family. He is also very kind and humorous. He has overgrown, curly black hair mixed with gray streaks and a large prominent nose and chin. He also has light freckles on his face and a thin unshaved mustache.

Despite his inability to control his precognitive powers, Bruno is very kind and a good family man. He has a strong bond with his youngest nephew Antonio and befriends the rats that live in the walls of Casa Madrigal. He has developed odd behaviors, such as knocking on wood and creating alternate identities.

He also carries a gilded case of matches in his ruana and wears a cloak with a door that hides the entrance to the walls. When he starts to see visions, his irises glow bright green and a whirling circle of sand rises in the air. He then begins to see images of the future, which he sometimes interprets incorrectly.

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