Witcher 3 Contracts and Challenges

February 16, 2024

The Witcher 3 Contract – Bruno

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Grab this contract from the Oxenfurt Notice Board and head to the new marker on your map. Use your Witcher Senses to follow footprints and a blood trail until you reach an attack scene. Slay the Wyvern and return to the quartermaster for your reward.

Contract: Missing Brother

This is one of the first contracts Geralt can get early on in Skellige. Read the note attached to the notice board inside the Inn at the Crossroads and speak to Bruno who’ll be seated in the corner of the tavern. He’ll tell you that his brother Mikkel went missing after taking the women of Bellows Village into an old mine for safety.

Head to the marker on your map and take out any enemies in the area – when you get close enough, your Witcher Senses will activate a scent trail. Follow it to find an abandoned hut and a skull atop of it.

Jenny will appear as soon as night falls – the fight is much like any other wraith battle. Dodge her swiping attacks and take out any clones she might spawn, using Yrden when necessary. Once she’s dead, return to Bruno for your reward.

Contract: The Well

This contract is found on the Notice Board in Harborside, and explains that a night patrol was mysteriously wiped out. Head over to the tavern and speak to Bruno, who is eager to find his brother. He’ll agree to pay for your help, but will refuse to give you the full amount – haggle with him to get more money or use Axii Delusion Level 3 on him to convince him to pay in full.

Head to your marker on the map and follow the path, using Witcher Senses to spot a blood trail – look for Nekkers along the way as well. Eventually you’ll reach an abandoned logging camp and a lone hut.

Use your Senses to track down a scent trail, and then enter the hut. Place the skull on the pedestal inside to summon Mourntart the Grave Hag. This fight is fairly high-level, so you’ll want some Necrophage Oil and Yrden on hand. Once you’re victorious, return to Bruno for your reward.

Contract: The Mine

This contract can be obtained fairly early in the game from a notice board near the Inn at the Crossroads. However, it is recommended that you level up to 33 before taking on this task, and it’s not a contract for the weak of heart.

Speak to Bruno inside the Inn, and he’ll explain that his brother Mikel disappeared when a group of Bellows women went into an old mine. Bruno wants you to follow the tracks and slay whatever beast they led into there.

Head to your new marker in the swamp and use your Witcher Senses to examine a trail of blood droplets. This will widen your search area, and you should soon see a wyvern in the distance – this is your target. Slay the beast and loot its corpse for a Wyvern Trophy. This can be a tough fight, so have oils and bombs (and perhaps an Aard) at the ready.

Contract: The Cave

This contract is one of the earliest you can get in the game, and it’s suggested you do it around level 33. Speak to Bruno inside the Inn at the Crossroads to begin this side quest.

Head to the new marker on the map, and take out any enemies you encounter there. Keep tracking footprints with your Witcher Senses, and when you find some that lead to a tree, examine them to discover a tuft of fur and another trail of tracks. Follow the trail and you’ll end up at a blocked cave entrance.

Enter and take out the monster inside – this chort can be quite a challenge. It can throw a web out and pull Geralt within range, shoot several toxic projectiles and, once its venom sac fills up, can release a cloud of poisonous gas. Be sure to use Quen’s Shield and Relict Oil to help you survive the fight. After it’s dead, loot its corpse to complete the contract.

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